Herbal Uses and Health Benefits of Ash

What is ash? Ash is basically a very tall and handsome tree, it is quite common in England, and can be readily distinguished from its light-grey bark and also from its big compound leaves, which are generally divided in four to eight pairs of lance shaped leaflets. The leaflets usually have sharp-toothed margins and are near around 3 inches in length. Every year in the month April or May, as per the season, and prior the appearance of leaves and the black color flower-buds on last year's … [Read more...]

Herbal Uses and Health Benefits of Dong Quai

What is Dong Quai? The root Dong quai has been widely recommended for around thousand years as a tonic, spice as well as a medicine in countries like Korea, China and Japan. It is also possibly preferred in some of the traditional Chinese medicines, where it is simply mixed with some other herbs. In China it is preferred quite possibly to resolve women's reproductive issues, like dysmenorrhea, and also to improve blood circulation. This herb is also called as female ginseng. Possibly there … [Read more...]

Herbal Uses and Health Benefits of Five-Fingers

Five-Finger also called as Silverweed. Its leaves are divided in five segments. This herb was used in ancient times by large number of people for the purpose of Hoodooing, that is, Warding Off Evil and calling better luck in money matters and love affairs.  Those peoples believe that, If you bring upon another for a favor, carry a five finger grass with you and you will instantly get that you desire. Among card players it is adjusted with hand root to aid in the skills that five fingers can … [Read more...]

Herbal Uses and Health Benefits of Juniper

What is Juniper? Juniper is highly distributed throughout northern hemisphere. It is located in most parts of Europe as well as North America. The prime commercial producer of juniper in the world is Hungary and also the Europe. The seeds of this plant were so popular to Greek and ancient physicians of Arab as a medicinal edible and is also mentioned in Bible. In the period of this revival, they were preferred to control the effect of snake poison in the body, plague as well as pestilence. … [Read more...]

Herbal Uses and Health Benefits of Cat’s Claw

What is cat claw?  Cat's Claw is a torrid grapevine that commonly grows in the rainforest and in land densely overgrown with tropical vegetation in South America as well as in some parts of Asia. Few cultures attribute to the plant as the exclusively devoted Herb of Rain Forest.  This vine obtains its name from the little woody spine at the lowest part of the leaves, which appears similar to a cat's claw. These provide the vine to affix itself near trees climbing to a height of near around … [Read more...]

Herbal Uses and Health Benefits of Catnip

What is catnip? Catnip is basically a long lasting herb of the invention family. Regardless of the fact originally existing to Europe, it has been favorably carry into most of the countries of the world where it is possibly regarded to be an undesirable plant. The plant can easily rise at an approximate height of 3 feet, has large number of branches and can be set up by its group of little sized white purple-spotted flowers at the last point of its stems. Catnip consists of several … [Read more...]

Herbal Uses and Health Benefits of Chamomile

What is Chamomile? Chamomile is basically a common name for various daisy-type plants. Such plants are widely known for their acquired skill to be used in a tea which is widely preferred to assist with sleep and is possibly taken honey. Some people prefer to take it with lemon also. Chrysin is a particular flavonoid which is found in chamomile, has greatly proven to be of great anxiolytic and is recommended to be at least not totally being a cause for chamomile's image as a sleep assistant. … [Read more...]

Herbal Uses and Health Benefits of Chaparral

What is chaparral? Chaparral is basically a scrubland located mainly in U.S. and in the northern part of the Mexico. It is almost shaped by the climate of Mediterranean i.e. very wet winter season and very hot summer season as well as wildfire, showing large number of summer dry-tolerant plants with quite dissimilar sclerophyllous leaves, as shown with the temporary smooth-leaved, generally located close to the chaparral biome. Chaparral covers more than 5% of the overall area of California, … [Read more...]

Herbal Uses and Health Benefits of Chickweed

What is chickweed? Chickweed is the name known for various kind of yearly plant that chickens always seek to eat. Most of the gardeners widely consider chick weeding of a weed, due to the fact that it can outcompete large number of other plants. However chickweed is also a kind of garden vegetable as well as herbal diet. Herbalists quite possibly call chickweed Stellaria media.Bascially chickweed is a part of the carnation community and nearly similar to other plants in this community. You … [Read more...]

Herbal Uses and Health Benefits of Eucalyptus

What is Eucalyptus? Eucalyptus has 500 unique species. It comes in different types of shapes and sizes, the shape and size depend upon the region it is grown. It is imported to many different parts in the world. It grows very quickly in fact it chokes out other plants out. In Australia people call it as "malee." It is vast importance in Australian culture and many of the Australian films and art show eucalyptus and it is considered as the perfect for landscape. The oil taken from this … [Read more...]