Herbal Uses and Health Benefits of Blue Vervain

What is Blue Vervain?

An ancient herbal remedy which is used for relieving respiratory problems, cleanses toxins in our body, helps to get rid of colds or coughs and even calms the nerves is called Blue Vervain. It produces the over all feeling of wellness in your body so it acts as a general tonic. It has some other qualities which are used for destroying the parasites as well as worms present in our intestines. Blue vervain is a tall plant with its height reaching to three to four feet. It ha purplish flowers and is native to North America. It is generally found in dry and grassy fields. It ca also survive in the well drained soil. This herb will give flowers between Junes to September. Its woody root is used in herbal medicine. It has unpleasant taste but is stronger than the leaves which are less used. Blue vervain is used as an herbal medicine since longtime. This herb is used as female tonic with the Native Americans. It is one of the best herbs which are used in relieving the symptoms of cold and liver congestion.

Benefits of Blue Vervain

Blue Vervain is also known as Verbena. This herb is also used for the sacred purposes by the ancient Romans. They used it to sanitize the temples and even their homes. It is also used in very common ailments like cold, fever, coughs. This can be done by expelling the mucus from the lungs and even cool the body through sweating. It is a good herbal remedy which is used for removing the toxins from your body. It is widely used because of its benefits of Blue Vervain.

It is also used for the treatment of painful cramps, relieving the premenstrual symptoms and also helps in regular menses. It is also used for the breastfeeding purposes which in turn will increase the flow of mother’s milk for the child. Because of large amount of tannins present in this herb which is helpful in the treating mouth ulcers and even bleeding gums too. In earlier times the root of this herb is also used for strengthening the teeth and gums by many people.

This herb is also helpful in the treatment of depression, calm anxiety and also helps in sound sleep. Even migraine and headaches are also treated with the help of this herb. It is also used to increase the energy levels in your body which will make you stress free. It can treat some other diseases like peptic ulcers, kidney stones and helps in reliving arthritis pain.

Uses of Blue Vervain

Below mentioned are some of the significant uses of Blue vervain:

  1. This herb is every useful to cal the nervous system, anxiety disorders and is useful in the treatment of depression also. This herb is also used for the treatment of damaged liver.
  2. It is good remedy for the various pain reliefs such as headache, migraine and even the arthritis pain.
  3. The roots, leaves and flowers of this herb are used in the treatment of chest congestion, fever and cold and throat infection.
  4. It is helpful in reliving the joints pain which is common in the old people.



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