Herbal Uses and Health Benefits of Alum

What is alum


Alum is a chemical compound with the combination of KAl(SO4)2.12H2O. It is very useful in the industrial processes. It has sweet taste and soluble in water. When heated they take the liquid form. If it is heated constantly then the water evaporates and at the end amorphous salt remains.


Many industries use alum to purify the water. Some even put alum in the holding tanks to purify the water.  It also works as an astringent if one gets the minor shaving cut can apply alum on the cut. Some cosmetic products also use alum like in hair removing wax.

What are the benefits of alum?

Alum roots have been used as the perfect antiseptic and astringent since ancient times. Since many years it has been used as the mouth-wash which helps in curing the mouth and gum infections. Many studies have concluded that alum is good in stopping the bleeding. This can be spread on the cut to stop bleeding.

This can even help in curing the internal cancer. One cup of tea which is made from alum should be taken daily to get the quick relief. But it should be kept in mind that it has drying effect so consume it in moderation, excess of it can cause dehydration. But because of it drying effect it can cure diarrhea. Many Indians use alum to cure many stomach ailments. A number of benefits of alum have been observed on human body.

Many researchers say that it is good in the treatment of dysentery. Alum has no particular side effects. But it is always wise to consult doctors even to before using the herbal products as different bodies have different system so to save you from any kind of side effect consult physician first.

Uses of alum

Alum has many good properties but mostly it is known for the antiseptic and powerful astringent.

Alum root is good for mouth rinse. It helps in the treatment of gum or mouth infection. The mouth was is very easy to make. You just have to put the root finely chopped in the jar and then put boiled water in it and keep it aside for 8 hrs. After that strain the rood and the liquid is ready to use as mouth wash. Even after the extraction of the tooth, if you feel bleeding then you can rub it on the affected area for immediate relief. It is also known to stop bleeding so it you have wound then sprinkle it on the wound the blood will stop immediately.

For any type of internal ulcers alum works wonder take one spoon of team daily six times made from alum to get the quick relief from the ulcers. It helps in cleaning and stopping the bleeding of the ulcers. Because of its dry effects don’t take it in excess; the instruction should always be followed. It helps in cure many other diseases like diarrhea. Many people keep alum always at home as a quick medical aid. There are various uses of alum.


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