Herbal Uses and Health Benefits of Bergamot

Bergamot is a very special herb. It belongs to the family “Lamiaceae” and genus “Monarda didyma”. It has immense therapeutic and healing capabilities. It is also known as Oswego Tea. Another special name of Bergamot is bee balm. In common terms, it belongs to the family of mint. The leaves of Bergamot are citrus in taste. The herb can grow up to a length of 3 feet. Its flowers are very colorful and available in a variety of shades from pink to deep red. Mostly the leaves and flowers of bergamot are commonly used.

What are the benefits of bergamot?

Bergamot is considered best to control high cholesterol. Bergamot has a good combination of flavanoids. These are compounds that suppress a particular enzyme which plays a significant role in producing cholesterol. Hence, Bergamot lessens the levels of cholesterol in blood. When we have higher blood cholesterol levels then we become prone to heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases. One of the health benefits of bergamot is that it helps the people having problems associated with blood sugar levels. Researchers have shown that bergamot reduces the level of glucose in blood by 20-25%. Hence it helps in the prevention of diabetes, metabolic syndrome and hyperglycemia.

It has many other health benefits as well. Its medicinal value is renowned for controlling the symptoms of cold and throat problems. It helps in relieving chest infections. Its aroma and the special flavor plays a good role as a stimulant and helps in the cure of mild digestion issues. The Native Americans used bergamot leaves to prepare a tea in ancient times, which helped in the digestion process. It has great medicinal and therapeutic effects on urinary system and respiratory system.

Uses of Bergamot

There are many beneficial uses of Bergamot. Its beautiful flowers are grown in garden to impart beauty and attraction to visitors. The leaves are commonly used to decorate salads and for garnishing of cuisines. Bergamot leaves are also specially used in fruit drinks because they give a fresh, citrus taste like lemons to them.  There is another interesting use of bergamot leaves. They are boiled and the water in which they are boiled is used for taking fresh baths for revitalization and energy. The herb is also used in many perfumes and perfumed baths.

Bergamot oil is very useful in aromatherapy. It is used to relieve anxiety, depression, stress and several other brain problems. It can be used to cure skin of many disorders like eczema and acne. When used in beauty masks and applied to skin, bergamot gives freshness and smooth touch to the skin. Bergamot herb oil is also used to heal many wounds and bruises. It has properties of being anti-depressant, carminative, sedative and antiseptic. It can be used in case of allergies. It also has a wide use as a powerful tonic for people who have problems in gaining weight and who feel laziness due to weakness. Bergamot when used as an alternate therapy is very beneficial for health especially in those cases when medication have serious side effects and consequence on the health.

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