Herbal Uses and Health Benefits of Iris

What is Iris?

This plant called Iris is basically of species which is famous and popular as flowering plants. It has derived its name from Greek dictionary meaning rainbow. Various colors of flowers can be seen on this plant .These flowers look very beautiful and catch everyone’s eye. This plant is mostly seen in the northern temperature zone. It can grow in cold, in grassy regions, on slopes and also on riverbanks. It is seen in Europe, Northern America, Middle East, across North America and Asia. These are basically perennial herbs. These plants have long stems. These steams may be branched or single, hollow or solid, have circular shaped cross section or flattened. The rhizomatous species generally have 4 to 10 basal, leaves which are of the shape of sword and grows in clumps. The other species called bulbous has cylindrical leaves. It is helpful in medical purpose as it helps in curing lot of problems.

What are the Benefits of Iris? 

Due to the health benefits of Iris, it is consume in form of what one may call Iris wine. This wine is prepared by taking at least 2 grams of iris roots, one gram of cinnamon, seven grams of ginger and 120 grams of sugar. All this is added and is left almost for one day. After this it is filtered seven almonds and almost fifty ml of milk is also added. Then is fixed very well and is kept almost for one month. One can consume one glass a day. One may see the good effects within few months after consuming it. The leaves of this plant are beneficial as it contains vitamin C almost 2 to 4%. Thus, this flower is also use in preparation of various types of perfumes and has its distinct place in the cosmetic industry. Many reputed cosmetic manufacturing companies are using it in one or the other way. This herbal plant acts drastically on liver.

Uses of Iris

This herbal plant called Iris is also used to purify water. The main thing is that yellow iris is added to purify water. Yellow Iris is also used in treating hair related problems like dandruff, and is also used on wounds as it has good tonic and diuretic properties. It is also used to cure acne this flower is consumed almost two to three times a day for almost fifteen minutes. Fragments of the plant ie rhizomes can be given to the little kids or babies to chew so that it helps in proper teeth growth, without any sort of problems. The powder of Iris may cause irritation to some and nausea can be follow. It is used generally by Indians living in Southern most part of northern America. The flowers are of various colors like yellow, blue maroon, white, pink and light blue. Thus, the usefulness of this plant is immense. The flowers of these plants are used for purpose of decorating and therefore it is sometimes called decorative flower. The flowers of Iris are also big.   The uses of Iris are significant in medical industry.

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