Herbal Uses and Health Benefits of Red Root

It is a green and flowering shrub. It belongs to the family rhamnaceae. Its botanical name is Ceanothus americanus. It is native to North America. It has very large and long red colored roots. Its name is derived from its roots which are the medicinal part of plant. Plant produces the erect branches. When the color of roots becomes deep red it can be used in medicinal products. These roots are used in different industries. Leaves of red roots were used as a substitute for tea during American Revolution. Its tea is also called New Jersey, mountain sweet, and wild snowball. Its different parts are used in homeopathic remedies and herbal preparations. It grows 4 feet. It is having brown colored stem and serrate leaves. Leaves have sunken veins. It grows white colored inflorescence grouped in clusters. Americans made the use of red root in dried form for medicines. Europeans found that its leaves have astringent taste like black tea which was imported from Asia. It has a bitter taste gives the cool sensation if taken as infusion. Extracts of this plant are also very useful. It is used in homeopathy. There is a list of chemicals present in the red roots: -

  • Resin
  • Coagulant
  • Tannins
  • Alkaloids

What are the benefits of red root?

Below mentioned are some of the health benefits of red root: -

  • It is very beneficial and shows its effect in so many diseases. It relieves the digestive problems. It effects in nearly organs too like, spleen and liver. It also promotes the evacuation of bowels. Abdominal pain, urinary frequency, pain in menstrual discharge and breath shortness are all related to digestive system, hence red root is helpful in treating all of them.
  • It is useful in respiratory illness especially in whooping coughs.
  • It acts as mucolytic agent if consumed with tea. It is able in lowering viscosity in mucus. It helps in removing the phlegm from respiratory tract.
  • It also shows antibacterial properties. These properties are due to photochemical content in it. There is a unique compound present in it called ceanathine which contributes for its anti – bacterial properties.
  • It has been observed that photochemicals present in it are helpful in treating STDs like gonorrhea and syphilis.

Uses of red root

Below mentioned are some of the important uses of red root:

  • It can be used as mouth wash. It prevents tooth decay and canker sores.
  • Its extracts are used in topical applicants.
  • Tincture, a product of red root is used to control the acne and healing the skin related problems.
  • Its leaves produce lather so used as soap sometimes.
  • Extract of red root can treat blood pressure. It is taken internally after boiling it in water for 15 minutes. Extract of red root is available in the form of capsule.
  • It is having antispasmodic properties which can relax spasms in muscles of skeleton.
  • It is having sedative properties which can you relief from temporary depression.
  • It is having some effective chemicals which make our body resistant to environmental invaders.
  • Gargles of red root gives relieve in tonsils.

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